Timo Langner grew up in a german village close to Basel.
When he was twelve years old he started his first band, the “theme birds”.
This was the time when a dream began to take shape, and he knew that music
would always be central in his life.
Now, twenty years later, this dream has been realized through hundreds of concerts, four Album records
and four singles, produced in Germany and Switzerland. He worked for 4 years as a
solo artist with Sony-BMG Germany.

After stepping back from the secular music-business, he decided to journey to the other side of the world, spending ten months on the long white cloud / New Zealand.
It was during this time that Timo’s life took on a new direction.

Timo recalls, “For the first fifteen years of my life as a musician, I used my gift to show the world who I was. I thought that becoming famous and successful would satisfy me.
Now I realize that the main purpose for my god-inspired passions and gifts is to point to the Giver. I decided that I was going to write and sing songs to show the world who He is. Interestingly enough, now that I write and sing music for him, and not for me, it feels like I am the one who is being blessed in return.”

Now Timo and his wife Anna are living in a village close to Basel, where he works as a worship-pastor in a church (g5-meineKirche).